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The sinner’s prayer – can it save you?

As a child, I was raised by two loving parents with a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ with an equally strong faith in the “power” of the sinner’s prayer to save the lost soul. As a child, I obeyed the “gospel”, as I had been taught, and prayed the sinner’s prayer with the full expectation that when I was through with the prayer my salvation would be secure. From the age of eight, I set about trying to live…
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Would You Go to Heaven If You Died Today?

Chances are we have all entertained questions like; if I had a million dollars, I would… or if I were the boss, I would…but what if someone asked you “Would you go to Heaven if you died today?” If your answer is no, keep reading. If your answer is yes, keep reading. The old saying is two things in life are certain…death and taxes. The Bible tells us that it is appointed once unto man to die and after this…