World Bible Institute

World Bible Institute

We are excited about WBI and personally welcome you to this great Christian Institute. The programs at WBI are diverse and carefully designed to produce the very best ministry-oriented and servant leaders for the Lord’s church. Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy (opinions, ideas) of the schoolroom in one generation will change the philosophy of government in the next.” Likewise, the ideas of the biblical classroom will be the vision and the direction of the church in all generations! We invite you to take a serious look at WBI for your Christian education!

WBI has a single purpose of preparing God’s people with the Gospel of Christ to reach the whole world one graduate at a time!

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WBI combines academic excellence with the actual experience of preaching, teaching, youth ministry, leadership, evangelism, and missions. We have a combined staff of over one hundred years of experience in the “real world” evangelizing lost souls and edifying the saved.

The World Bible Institute is a single-purpose Institute with a goal of preparing Christians in the word of God and ministry skills to share the Gospel with the world  (Mark  16:15,  16).   Does this sound like something you may be interested in?

WBI is not for everyone. We are very selective in enrolling students. We are looking for special persons who want to make a commitment, not just send an application.    God is seeking people who love Christ, His word and the mission of His church; and who want to share the Gospel with others.   You can make a difference!

We are excited about your consideration of WBI! Please prayerfully consider joining countless students around the globe who are increasing their faith through an advanced study of God’s word. You will find our “Online Courses” to be both enjoyable and challenging. You can do it and you will be glad you did!


  • The Online Degree Program at WBI offers the opportunity to earn your degree 100% online with no mandatory login times.
  • WBI combines academic excellence with the actual experience of working in the ministry.
  • Get qualified instruction from a combined staff of over 100 years of experience with high academic standards.