Our Ministries

No matter what stage of life you are in, we have a place for you at the McDonough Church of Christ!

Bible with a pencil, against the background of the living room.

Request A Bible Study Course

Study at Home This series of studies require the student to go directly to the Bible for the answers. Please read each passage and then answer the question. The following will explain how to enroll and return the answers. To enroll in our Bible Correspondence Course, please complete our Online Enrollment Form below. When we receive your form, we will immediately mail your first lesson to you at the address given. Upon receiving your lesson, you should study the lesson…
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Searching for Truth

Truth is a most precious thing. In our world, everyone is searching for something. If you are searching for answers to questions regarding God, Jesus, hope, happiness, faith, life after death, good and evil, the church, the Bible, God’s plan for you, or Jesus’ love for you, the answers to these can be found in this series of programs. Please view the first program which is 15-minutes in length, then you will be able to decide whether to watch the…

Youth Ministry

McDonough is blessed with many young people, and each one is precious! There’s something going all for youth of all ages.  


Bible classes from cradle roll through adult encourage all to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Ladies’ Ministry

The women at McDonough Church of Christ take time for each other.  We recognize the importance of encouraging and uplifting one another.  To help us support each other we have events that range from monthly to annual.  Regardless of your stage in life, our women’s ministry has something for you. Tuesday Ladies Class Studying Bible topics including relationships, friendship, character, humility, patience, giving, unity, peace and much more! Following Bible study, we’ll enjoy crafts, arts, projects to benefit our church…

World Bible Institute

We are excited about WBI and personally welcome you to this great Christian Institute. The programs at WBI are diverse and carefully designed to produce the very best ministry-oriented and servant leaders for the Lord’s church. Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy (opinions, ideas) of the schoolroom in one generation will change the philosophy of government in the next.” Likewise, the ideas of the biblical classroom will be the vision and the direction of the church in all generations! We invite…
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Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry The men of our congregation take time to get together to study, play, work and fellowship.  From the Men’s Breakfast, workdays, or our softball team, there is always something in the works for the men to do. Men’s Breakfast Almost all men enjoy a good breakfast.  One Saturday a month, the men get together for breakfast, typically at the church building.  Besides food and fellowship, it is a great time for our church leaders to share information and…

Paper Doves

A card ministry of encouragement and prayer. This group meets every other week in the fellowship hall to: Pray for those in need and have requested prayer (Gal. 6:2) To encourage each other to be active in the work of the Lord (Phil. 3:12-15) Promote love and good works toward one another and others (Eph. 4:15-16) If you would like to be involved in this ministry, we would love to have you!

Micronesia Mission Work

We are an overseeing work for the Parker family stationed in Pohnpei. If you’d like to support the work, you can mail packages to Wayne, Kristi, Spencer, Connor, Gavin, Piper Parker P.O. Box 2467 Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM 96941 Items must be sent via the US Postal Service and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive using flat rate priority boxes. Email: Contributions to the Parkers can be sent via PayPal:  All funds sent through Paypal will be sent directly to the…