Dr. J. J. Turner

Dr. J. J. Turner

Dr. J. J. Turner has been preaching for close to a half-century. His full-time work has taken him to Florida, Louisiana, California, Colorado, and of course his home state of Georgia. His lectureships, workshops, and seminars have taken him all over the world. He is a past editor of the Christian Family Magazine and Christian Bible Teacher.

He has also served in administration with four Christian Colleges, including currently serving as Chancellor and an instructor of the World Bible Institute. J. J. has conducted seminars and workshops on every subject that is needed in the church today.

He is one of the most powerful speakers in the Lord’s Church. He has authored over eighty books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of lessons preached all over the United States and many foreign countries.

J.J. has touched the lives of many people, not only with the gospel, but with his encouragement and leadership. J. J. and his sweet wife Isabel live in McDonough, Georgia where he serves as pulpit preacher as well as one of the elders.

They have two children and four grandchildren. For more information about Dr. J. J. Turner and to order his books, go to worldbibleinstitute.com and click on Dr. J. J. Turner. Also, visit his newest project for christians at jeremiahinstitute.com.

Bob McKee